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Here you find the categories.

Best Overall Icon
the icon with the best overall composition

Best Pairing
for friendship icons and OTPs

Best Team
for more-than-two-people icons

Best Villain
for the opponents of the Torchwood Team

Best Actor
for icons of the actors outside of their role in the series

Best Hush
icons without text/tiny text

Best Animated
should be self-explanatory ;)

Best Artistic
for icons which shows special skills and/or originality in icon-making

Best Cropping
for icons with a special, unconventional or innovative crop

Best Colour
when a good colour application was used

Best B/W
best use of monochrome colours (splashes of colours are allowed, but the b/w should dominate)

Best Humour
for icons that make you laugh

Best Drama
for action or emotional icons

Best Lyrical
for icons with song lyric or phrase application

For further information on nomination see the rules.

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